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        3. Messy as F**k

          Written by Issa Rae
          Directed by Cecile Emeke 

          At breakfast, Issa tells Molly she wants to be the “No f**ks” version of herself: “I just want to not be scared to do s**t anymore.” Molly decides to have a “fancy day” and pamper herself.

          Having tried both Issa and Molly on their cells, Lawrence calls his friend Chad to talk, but Chad is distracted and cuts Lawrence off.

          Molly works on convincing Issa she’s lucky to have Lawrence by running through her experiences with dating apps. One guy even dumped her after learning the L.A. native's first visit to the beach was when she was in college.

          Issa chickens out about confronting Lawrence and goes to Rite Aid instead – only to run into him there buying things to make up for botching her birthday. He spots a package of underwear in her hands and freaks out, and asks if she’s coming home. Issa deflects and goes back to Molly’s; she confesses to Molly about kissing Daniel.

          At work the next day Issa wings her presentation, and realizes she is not as prepared as she should be. After the meeting, her boss suggests that “We Got Y’all” may not be the right place for her.  Upset, she begins to text Lawrence, but changes her mind.

          Lawrence runs into his neighbor, Thug Yoda, and vents: “I don’t know how to change things.”

          Issa and Frieda continue to brainstorm for their outreach program. Looking through surveys the kids filled out, Issa realizes a lot of them want to get out of their usual neighborhood. Remembering Molly’s story about the beach inspires her to consider a beach clean up day.

          Molly is having a great time on her date until he makes it clear he expects to have sex with her that night. Dressed in sweats and out walking her dog later that evening, Molly runs into Jared from the open mic night. Their chemistry is palpable.

          Lawrence asks Issa if she’s coming home. She imagines their potential conversation in the bathroom mirror at work and realizes she still loves him.

          Issa returns home. Lawrence tells her he has an interview with a headhunter the next day. She says she shouldn’t have ignored his texts, and he tells her about his interaction with Thug Yoda. The two sit in silence, not sure what to say next.

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