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          No New Friends

          By Kindsey Young

          Is Tiffany’s baby bump causing a literal bump in the girls’ relationship?


          As last week’s episode was HIGH-ly entertaining, this week in “Ready-Like,” we see things unfold further. Remember the epic dinner party from last season? The one where Lawrence had the nerve to bring Aparna along knowing Issa and her friends would be there? Well, this episode is almost in the same mold with the drama, surprises, and hurt feelings.  

          The writers decided to use Tiffany’s extravagant baby shower as the catalyst to get all of our characters together in the same space. I know… there’s a lot to digest from last week, and this episode probably left you wondering even more about both the new and old relationships you’ve seen our characters navigate through. There’s Issa and her new potential boo, Nathan; Issa and Lawrence, who’s made a surprise comeback (sorry for having to keep it a secret, ya'll); and the awkward encounter between Molly and Dro. But what sticks out most is the relationship shift we witness between Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany. The music festival was supposed to be their last real shin-dig before Tiffany transitions into full mommy-mode but… things got a little wild. Now, in an attempt to make up for what happened at the festival, the girls plan to be all-in for Tiffany’s baby shower.  

          Issa and Molly arrive to Tiffany’s baby shower “early” to help set-up. Come to find out, some other girls came “early” early and set it all up. Other girls? Um, what other girls? That would be Tiffany’s “crazy-crew” — you know, her other friends. I think everyone can agree that as you go through various stages of life, you make friends who serve different purposes: your best friends from childhood; the high school posse; the college crew; your sorority sisters; the friends from after college that you wish you knew in college; your work friends, and at some point, it’s like okay, no new friends! So, when Issa, Molly and Kelli show up to Tiffany’s shower expecting to be her A-list friends, they find themselves in for a rude awakening. They learn that Tiffany has decided to hand off most of the “important” duties to her other friends, and, mind you, friends that Issa, Molly and Kelli never even knew existed!



          Now, we all know how friend groups can be. There’s the main group, and then maybe there’s the subgroup and then sometimes even within that sub-group, there’s a dynamic duo. We see Kelli going above and beyond for Tiffany. She made her cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes, but Gladys Knight cupcakes!  She even altered the recipe to make them “healthy" cupcakes. Kelli showed up for Tiffany and really wanted to do something extra special for her baby shower. We’ve never really seen this side of her! Kelli’s grand gesture showed just how much she actually values their relationship. It’s made clear to us that Kelli and Tiffany have a special relationship outside of Issa and Molly. They are their own dynamic duo.

          The girls are all offended when they learn that Blair — one of Tiffany’s “mom-friends” has taken the lead on planning Tiffany’s shower because, who the hell is Blair?  Issa, Molly, and Kelli confront her about it. Tiffany responds that she was actually waiting for them to offer to throw her baby shower… but when they never did, she allowed Blair to take the lead. Kelli, however, said, “I did offer,” but Tiffany admits she trusted Blair more because, well, she’s also a mom. (Eye roll.) It hurt Kelli to hear that, and so she ended up leaving the shower early. Omg, Kelli has feelings! Who knew? Kelli feels like she’s losing her best friend to a baby. Maybe she is.

          I can’t really speak for guys, but I know girlfriends are pretty territorial when it comes to their friendships. We’re all guilty of it to some extent. I’ve definitely thought, “Excuse me, do you know who I am?” about an ‘other’ friend before, so I’m not judging. I think this was all so hilariously accurate. In the writers’ room we talked about our own experiences with life events and how they could have caused a shift in our friendships. We felt showing it on screen would be an accurate depiction of how some friendships really work.

          This whole scenario hit home for me because like the women of Insecure, I’m at that age where “life” starts happening — be it a new job, a marriage, a baby, or all of the above. And to a group of really close friends, that has a serious impact on the dynamics of the relationship. Tiffany is married with a baby on the way. The other girls are single, still struggling to get a hold on certain aspects of their lives. Has she outgrown them? Possibly. How will Tiffany having a baby affect their relationship? None of my super-close friends have babies just yet, but when they do, should I be worried? What is the protocol? Does the baby always have to tag along? Will we have to fix our schedules to adjust to their new lifestyle? Do we actually need to start a group chat without her? Will all the conversations revolve around her and the baby’s poop? Does she automatically become more boring? It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for the women of Insecure. Luckily, though, my friends know that if I make cupcakes and someone like Blair categorizes them as “backup” cupcakes, we’re going to have a problem.

          Check out new episodes of Insecure every Sunday at 10:30 pm, and head to the Blogger-Like page for updates all season long.

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