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        3. True BloodTrue Blood

          Brit Morgan Can Relate to Debbie's Kick-Ass Persona

          • Debbie gets branded in this episode - what does that mean for her?

          • It's a rebellion. Like, "This is somewhere I fit in and can do drugs and be wild and no one's gonna judge me. And I'm gonna go down just like this." I don't know that in her heart, that's where she truly wants to be, but it's kinda where she needs to go ... like there's no other way out. She gonna be part of this frickin' gang of werewolf bikers.

          • Tell us a little bit about who Debbie is.

          • Debbie is a passionate, ballsy, kick-ass lady who's going through a bit of a rough patch, dealing with her ex-boyfriend Alcide and being branded into this new group of werewolves. Then Sookie crosses her path, and it's kind of all downhill from there.

          • Do you have any traits in common with her?

          • Yeah! I have a lot of the same fire that she does. A lot of her insecurities and the things she stresses are things I'm familiar with - feeling insecure about where you are in life, trying to find yourself, where you fit. She's very outspoken and reactive, and I'm the same way - especially when I get mad. So a lot of those things that look really crazy when she does them? I can identify.

          • Ever go through your own biker/rocker phase?

          • In high school, I did my whole punk rock thing, with bright pink highlights and a nose ring. I was stuck in the 90s - even though I didn't go to school in the 90s - and Kurt Cobain was like my hero. And my dad's side of the family is very biker, backwoods New Jersey. So this isn't new territory for me. I've met these people and know the type very well.

          • Debbie's a villain that fans of the book love to hate. How did it feel to step into that role?

          • Um, pressure. Really exciting. Totally surprising. I didn't even know how bad-ass I was going to get to be. I just wanted to do Debbie justice. I meet people all the time who talk about stuff that Debbie did in the books, and I just kind of explain, "It's a little bit different in the series..." Because I have a drug addiction and kind of a trailer-trash thing going on, which wasn't in the books. So that's a big difference there. I hope people like the changes.

          • Not many people can answer this question: What's it like to crowd-surf in your underwear in a bar full of werewolves?

          • My first day at work - it was my 'True Blood' initiation. I'm not gonna lie: It was totally liberating and one of the most awesome things I've ever done. I was thinking, "I will never again be in a room full of 100 bikers who are tearing my clothes off." It was insane, and great in the moment. Once the weekend came, I kinda sat back and was like, 'I can't believe what just happened. I feel violated...[laughs]'

          • What can fans expect from Debbie through the rest of the season?

          • Between the drugs, jealousy, resentment and anger...it just makes this tornado of a woman. After the initiation, things are just going to get worse and worse and worse...and it ends with A LOT of kicking ass. Like, to the max.

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