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        3. PamPam

          Kristin Bauer Van Straten Opens Up About Pam and Eric's Relationship

          • This episode shows a very different side of Pam's relationship with Eric. Who knew that he was such a great dad?

          • It's really interesting because when we started out filming, it wasn't clear whether they were friends or romantic... But it's become very clear this season that it's a paternal relationship, and he's very much Pam's father. What was so interesting to me about this episode was that I had no idea Pam would have an Achilles' Heel or a weakness. But everybody needs one person, so this is Pam's one person. And also, she really believes that Eric is a great maker - he's cool, tough, funny... He appreciates disobedience and they really have a partnership.

          • He's better in some ways than Bill is with Jessica...

          • That's definitely what Pam thinks. To have a reluctant maker is the worst because he's not going to teach you anything. Bill is shackled in guilt for even having created Jessica, but Eric? There's no apology or guilt. Just love of being a vampire and everything that entails. And that's really fun to play.

          • Do you have any insight into Pam and Eric's history together?

          • The Season 2 Blu-ray was really where I found out a lot of it. She was made 100 years ago, and there were lines in the Blu-ray about how she was stuck in a very small world with small men and endless limitations for women. And she was looking at the life that she was being raised for and thought, "Ecch." She was pretty secretively promiscuous, and there was a line in there like, "I met Eric, and my world split apart. And Eric likes to joke, so did my legs." So, in my imagination, she sought Eric out and pursued being a vampire and never looked back.

          • Everyone is always debating which guy Sookie will end up with - do you think Pam has a shot with her?

          • Oh God, I'd love to see her try! With the endless torture that Sookie's been suffering at the hands of men, you'd think she'd at least entertain the possibility. Two women who understand each other, who could go shopping together for eternity? Sounds kind of awesome.

          • You've been on the show since the beginning - what's it like to see a crop of new characters arrive each season and then watch so many of them die off?

          • Dude, they're dropping like flies. Every table read where two or three go, there's sort of a hush over the room. I'm very happy that Pam is in all the books - because this is such a great job - so I hope she'll get to stick around. But as far as what's going to happen in a new season, we all sort of gossip, like, "Well I heard..."

          • Have you had any close friends who've been staked or dismembered along the way?

          • Yeah! Bill's maker - Mariana Klaveno - we're friends. Last night we went to see Shakespeare in the Park together. I already miss seeing her around, but luckily I see her off the set. And Michelle Forbes [who played Maryann in Season 2], we had a 'True Blood' ladies party at her house a couple weeks ago. She was wonderful to have around.

          • So the stakes for Pam and Eric keep getting higher - what will Pam be facing in these final episodes?

          • We saw Pam's integrity and loyalty tested with the Magister. Then we find out where her heart - and her vulnerability - lies, which is with Eric. And then in the future episodes, her mettle is tested again in a new way, and we'll see if her physical strength can match the mental strength she's already shown.

          • She's really become a fan favorite. What is it about Pam that appeals to people so much?

          • It's so nice to know that Pam's getting a fan following. She's just so fun, and maybe all of us would like to be a little more like her...I'm always censoring, trying to find the kind way to say something - I'm from Wisconsin so I'm fairly polite - but Pam has none of these restraints. She loves shopping, she loves clothing, she's straightforward, she's sarcastic, she's unapologetic - it just feels like she's being who she is. Just for a day even, wouldn't you love to try that?

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